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At Youth Renew I provide wrinkle reducing injectables and volume replacing fillers to try and reduce the effects of the natural ageing process.


Sally is a fully qualified facial aesthetics practitioner as well as having 36 years experience as a registered nurse and surgeon's assistant.




Botox Treatments

My Philosophy


If we look good, we feel good. We feel confident and that confidence radiates out to others.


My aim is to maintain that inner confidence by fighting back the signs of ageing for as long possible, without going under the knife, and most importantly, no drastic image alterations.

In fact I prefer it if it is only you that can see the real difference whilst others around you just see a fresher, invigorated you.


Wrinkle reducing injectables can do just that. They are safe (if administered by a qualified practitioner), non permanent and give fast and almost pain free results that you will love.


Dermal Fillers


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Ageing Process

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